Ed Furuike

Ed Furuike painting
Using only a palette knife with heavy impasto, Ed Furuike’s impressionistic oil paintings exude an ethereal quality that captures the spirit of his subject. Born and raised on Oahu, Furuike focuses on the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. His works range from plein air landscapes and seascapes, to vibrant hanging leis and koi that seem to move on the canvas.

Based in Kaneohe, Hawaii.
  1. Saturday in Kapiolani Park Ed Furuike
    Saturday in Kapiolani Park
    Oil on canvas, 24x30, $4,000
  2. Crimson Oleander Ed Furuike
    Crimson Oleander
    Oil on canvas, 24x30, $4,625
  3. Dogwoods in Bloom Ed Fururike
    Dogwoods in Bloom
    Oil on canvas, 16x20, $2,000
  4. Garden Kaleidoscope Ed Furuike
    Garden Kaleidoscope
    Oil on canvas, 16x20, $2,250
  5. Upcountry Jacaranda Trees Maui Ed Furuike SOLD
    Upcountry Jacaranda Trees, Maui
    Oil on canvas, 24x30, SOLD
  6. Wailua Falls Kauai Ed Furuike
    Wailua Falls, Kauai
    Oil on canvas, 24x20, $3,000
  7. Kawainui Marsh Kailua Ed Furuike
    Kawainui Marsh, Kailua
    Oil on canvas, 16x20, $2,000
  8. Long Life Ed Furuike SOLD
    Long Life
    Oil on canvas, 11x14, SOLD
  9. Huaka'i The Journey Ed Furuike
    Huaka'i (The Journey)
    Oil on canvas, 24x36, $5,000
  10. Kilauea Journey to the Sea Ed Furuike SOLD
    Kilauea! Journey to the Sea
    Oil on canvas, 24x30, SOLD
  11. Tides at Dawn Sandy Beach Ed Furuike SOLD
    Tides at Dawn, Sandy Beach
    Oil on canvas, 24x30, SOLD
  12. Lei of Love Ed Furuike
    Lei of Love
    Oil on canvas, 24x36, $6,000
  13. Ma'ili to Makaha Ed Furuike
    Ma'ili to Makaha
    Oil on canvas, 24x30, $4,750
  14. Among Autumn Leaves Ed Fururike SOLD
    Among Autumn Leaves
    Oil on canvas, 18x24, SOLD
  15. Kilauea by Moonlight Ed Furuike SOLD
    Kilauea by Moonlight
    Oil on canvas, 24x30, SOLD
  16. Makua Ed Furuike
    Oil on canvas, 20x30, $4,000
  17. A Walk Home in the Rain Volcano Hawaii Ed Furuike
    A Walk Home in the Rain, Volcano, Hawaii
    Oil on canvas, 24x18, $3,500
  18. Hana No Ka Oi Ed Furuike
    Hana No Ka Oi
    Oil on Canvas, 24x20, $3,250
  19. Manoa Falls Oahu Ed Furuike
    Manoa Falls, Oahu
    Oil on canvas, 30x24, $4,500
  20. Mid Morning Tides Sandy Beach Ed Furuike
    Mid Morning Tides, Sandy Beach
    Oil on canvas, 24x36, $5,250
  21. Waialua Skies Ed Furuike
    Waialua Skies
    Oil on canvas, 15x30, $3,500
  22. Waikiki Hula Ed Furuike
    Waikiki Hula
    Oil on canvas, 24x20, $3,250