Jehan Valiente

Jehan Valiente
Jehan Valiente’s art is fun, bright, and whimsical. Her inspiration comes from her favorite childhood memories of daydreaming under her family’s avocado tree and exploring tide pools at the beach, as well as her continuing exploration of the sea as an avid scuba diver. Valiente’s art, BraveAvocado, expresses her view of the world – inspirational, playful, and pure.

Based in Waialua, Hawaii.
  1. Babycado Alani Jehan Valiente
    Babycado Alani
    Mixed media on panel, 6x6, $350
  2. Babycado Gumdrop Jehan Valiente
    Babycado "Gumdrop"
    Mixed media on panel, 6x6, $350
  3. Babycado Taffy Jehan Valiente
    Babycado "Taffy"
    Mixed media on panel, 6x6, $350
  4. Geckocado Jehan Valiente
    Mixed media on panel, 16x8, $680
  5. Golden Girl Jehan Valiente
    Golden Girl
    Acrylic on panel, 12x12, $690
  6. Made with Aloha Jehan Valiente
    Made with Aloha
    Mixed media on panel, 12x24, $2,800
  7. Moe Uhane Manta Jehan Valiente SOLD
    Moe 'Uhane Manta
    Acrylic on canvas, 16x20, SOLD
  8. Nalu Bravo Avocado Jehan Valiente
    Nalu BravoAvocado
    Mixed media on panel, 8x8, $400
  9. Penguincado Jehan Valiente SOLD
    Mixed media on panel, 6x6, SOLD
  10. Rainbow Humpback Jehan Valiente SOLD
    Rainbow Humpback
    Acrylic on canvas, 12x24, SOLD
  11. Roostercado Jehan Valiente SOLD
    Mixed media on panel, 12x12, SOLD
  12. Surfercado Jehan Valiente SOLD
    Mixed media on canvas, 16x12, SOLD
  13. Sunrise Honu Jehan Valiente SOLD
    Sunrise Honu
    Acrylic on panel, 24x24, SOLD
  14. Dreaming of Hawaii Jehan Valiente SOLD
    Dreaming of Hawaii
    Acrylic on canvas, 20x20, SOLD
  15. Tikicado Jehan Valiente
    Mixed media on panel, 10x8, $875
  16. Into the Blue Butterflycado Jehan Valiente SOLD
    Into the Blue Butterflycado
    Mixed media on panel, 8x8, SOLD
  17. Island Sun Butterflycado Jehan Valiente
    Island Sun Butterflycado
    Mixed media on panel, 10x10, $680
  18. Haleiwa Hammerhead Jehan Valiente
    Haleiwa Hammerhead
    Acrylic on canvas, 15x30, $1,100
  19. Honi Honi Honu Jehan Valiente
    Honi Honi Honu
    Acrylic on canvas, 12x24, $1,480
  20. Bubble Gum Octopus Jehan Valiente
    Bubble Gum Octopus
    Acrylic on canvas, 24x20, $1,280
  21. Crabocado Jehan Valiente
    Mixed media on panel, 7x5, $590
  22. Fishocado Jehan Valiente
    Mixed media on panel, 5x7, $550
  23. HonuCado Jehan Valiente
    Mixed media on panel, 8x8, $680