Lance Fairly

Lance Fairly
Lance Fairly strives to capture the beauty of the world around him. His idyllic seascapes and landscapes embody the spirit and splendor of Hawaii’s land, creating almost heavenly scenes. Having spent most of his life near and in the ocean, Fairly has a deep connection to the sea and can exemplify the anatomy of a wave so perfectly, you can almost hear it crashing. His hope is to enrich other’s lives by depicting the majesty of creation that he observes every day.
Based in Hau’ula, Hawaii.
  1. Moon Over Hawaii Lance Fairly
    Moon Over Hawaii
    Oil on canvas, 40x30, $18,000
  2. Kalalau Valley Lance Fairly
    Kalalau Valley
    Oil on canvas, 14x18, $2,450
  3. Hidden Pool Lance Fairly SOLD
    Hidden Pool
    Oil on canvas, 18x14, SOLD
  4. Waimea Falls Lance Fairly
    Waimea Falls
    Oil on panel, 40x30, $16,000
  5. Secret Falls Lance Fairly
    Secret Falls
    Oil on canvas, 30x20, $3,750
  6. Lava Wave Lance Fairly
    Lava Wave
    Oil on canvas, 24x36, $7,400
  7. Dream Day Lance Fairly
    Dream Day
    Oil on canvas, 24x28, $2,700
  8. Bali Hai Gold Giclee Lance Fairly
    Bali Hai Gold
    Giclée on canvas, 24x36, $1,190
  9. Hawaiian Honu Giclee Lance Fairly
    Hawaiian Honu
    Giclée on canvas, 18X22, $750; Giclée on canvas, 24X30, $1,075
  10. Hokulea Leads Giclee Lance Fairly
    Hōkūleʻa Leads
    Giclée on canvas, 21x28, $1,000
  11. Memories of Diamond Head Giclee Lance Fairly
    Memories of Diamond Head
    Giclée on canvas, 24x36, $1,190
  12. Moonlight over Diamond Head Giclee Lance Fairly
    Moonlight over Diamond Head
    Giclée on canvas, 24x36, $1,190
  13. Pali Giclee Lance Fairly
    Giclée on canvas, 20x30, $1,000; Giclée on canvas, 24x36, $1,190
  14. Sunset Beach Giclee Lance Fairly
    Sunset Beach
    Giclée on canvas, 20x30, $950; Giclée on canvas, 24x36, $1,190
  15. Tropical Serenade Giclee Lance Fairly
    Tropical Serenade
    Giclée on canvas, 30x20, $1,000
  16. Waikiki Beach Giclee Lance Fairly
    Waikiki Beach
    Giclée on canvas, 24x36, $1,190
  17. Waimea Falls Giclee Lance Fairly
    Waimea Falls
    Giclée on canvas, 28x21, $1,000