Mark Howard

Mark Howard
An artist of fantastic range, Mark Howard, captures all aspects of Hawaii; from traditional seascapes to abstracted urban scenes and expressive hula dancers, everything is represented. Howard’s wide range of medium, style, and subject comes from his desire to find new inspiration around him and constantly expand his purview.  
American, b. 1963, Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, based in Waialua, Hawaii.

  1. Midnight Double Up Mark Howard
    Midnight Double Up
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, $875
  2. Auntie Halau Mark Howard
    Auntie Halau
    Acrylic on canvas, 24x30, $2,650
  3. Centrifugal Mark Howard
    Acrylic on canvas, 30x40, $2,300
  4. Life of Ae Mark Howard
    Life of Ae
    Acrylic on canvas, 48x36, $4,000
  5. Lucky Fish Mark Howard
    Lucky Fish
    Acrylic on canvas, 30x24, $2,300
  6. Morning at Chun's Reef Mark Howard
    Morning at Chun's Reef
    Acrylic on canvas, 11x14, $595
  7. Morning Motion Mark Howard
    Morning Motion
    Acrylic on canvas, 24x18, $1,200
  8. Tropical Complexities Mark Howard
    Tropical Complexities
    Acrylic on burlap, 16x20, $895
  9. Waialua Sugar Mill Mark Howard
    Waialua Sugar Mill
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, $1,450
  10. Makapu'u Lighthouse with Company Mark Howard
    Makapu'u Lighthouse with Company
    Acrylic on canvas, 9x11, $595
  11. Waialua Polo Horses Mark Howard SOLD
    Waialua Polo Horses
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, SOLD
  12. West Side Passage Mark Howard SOLD
    West Side Passage
    Acrylic on canvas, 11x14, SOLD
  13. Flow of Hula Mark Howard
    Flow of Hula
    Acrylic on canvas, 24x18, $1,200
  14. After Rain Walk Mark Howard
    After Rain Walk
    Acrylic on canvas, 11x14, $385
  15. Hawaiian Awakening Mark Howard
    Hawaiian Awakening
    Acrylic on canvas, 30x40, $2,400
  16. Outing at Keana Point Mark Howard
    Outing at Keana Point
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, $1,200
  17. Still Life Carnations Mark Howard
    Still Life Carnations
    Acrylic on canvas, 11x14, $425
  18. Tradition Mark Howard SOLD
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, SOLD
  19. Amber Mark Howard
    Oil on canvas, 30x40, $4,200
  20. Marook Diptych Mark Howard
    Marook Diptych
    Oil on canvas, 24x36 each, $2,800
  21. Silva's Paradise Mark Howard SOLD
    Silva's Paradise
    Acrylic on canvas, 9x12, SOLD
  22. 75th Anniversary Performance Mark Howard SOLD
    75th Anniversary Performance
    Acrylic on canvas, 40x30, SOLD, Available in giclée
  23. 75th Anniversary Performance text
  24. Scarlet Beauty Mark Howard SOLD
    Scarlet Beauty
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, SOLD
  25. Warrior Focus Mark Howard SOLD
    Warrior Focus
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, SOLD
  26. Warrior Ready Mark Howard SOLD
    Warrior Ready
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, SOLD
  27. Evening Performance Mark Howard SOLD
    Evening Performance
    Acrylic on canvas, 40x30, SOLD, Available in giclée
  28. Evening at Chun's Mark Howard
    Evening at Chun's
    Acrylic on canvas, 14x11, $385
  29. Kaena Point with Ae Mark Howard
    Kaena Point with Ae
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, $1,200
  30. Kihe Study Mark Howard
    Kihe Study
    Acrylic on canvas, 11x14, $385
  31. Pueana Point Windy Day Mark Howard
    Puena Point, Windy Day
    Acrylic on canvas, 18x24, $1,200
  32. Scarlet Dancer Mark Howard
    Scarlet Dancer
    Acrylic on canvas, 40x30, $4,200
  33. Windward Paina
    Windward Pa'ina (Collaboration with Al Furtado)
    Acrylic on canvas, 40x30, Contact for price, Available in giclée
  34. Winward Paina text
  35. Marook on Green Mark Howard
    Marook on Green
    Oil on canvas, 36x48, $4,200
  36. Eve Mark Howard
    Oil on canvas, 40x60, $4,800
  37. Resting Diptych Mark Howard
    Resting Diptych
    Oil on canvas, 24x18 each, $2,400
  38. Ruby-esque Mark Howard
    Oil on canvas, 40x30, $3,400