Susan Miyachi

Susan Miyachi painting
Susan Miyachi paints the picturesque landscapes of Maui, Lanai, and Oahu. Her palette knife technique creates beautiful impressionistic scenes of misty mountains, quiet gardens, and serene beaches. Through her painting, she aims to touch the lives of her audience, “by infusing [their] hearts with beauty.”

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  1. The Mountains of Waimea Susan Miyachi SOLD
    The Mountains of Waimea
    Oil on canvas, 15x30, SOLD
  2. Sunrise Paddlers Susan Miyachi
    Sunrise Paddlers
    Oil on canvas, 18x24, $1,800
  3. Sakura Susan Miyachi SOLD
    Oil on canvas, 20x50 overall, SOLD
  4. Morning Sunlight on Pond Susan Miyachi
    Morning Sunlight on Pond
    Oil on canvas, 16x12, $850
  5. Lahaina Orchid Field and Sugarcane Susan Miyachi
    Lahaina Orchid Field and Sugarcane
    Oil on canvas, 20x20, $1,200
  6. Cafe on Queen's Beach Waikiki Susan Miyachi
    Cafe on Queen's Beach, Waikiki
    Oil on canvas, 20x24, $2,000
  7. Coast Guard Lighthouse at Mount Leahi Susan Miyachi SOLD
    Coast Guard Lighthouse at Mount Leahi
    Oil on canvas, 20x30, SOLD
  8. Morning Glory Beach Susan Miyachi
    Morning Glory Beach
    Oil on canvas, 16x16, $800
  9. Rainbow Shower Garden Susan Miyachi
    Rainbow Shower Garden
    Oil on canvas, 20x20, $1,400
  10. Step into My Garden Susan Miyachi
    Step into My Garden
    Oil on canvas, 20x20, $1,400
  11. Children Exploring Reef Susan Miyachi
    Children Exploring Reef on Black Pt. Beach
    Oil on canvas, 20x16, $1,000
  12. Returning Home to Waikiki Susan Miyachi
    Returning Home to Waikiki
    Oil on canvas, 24x36, $3,480
  13. Kailua Sunset Susan Miyachi
    Kailua Sunset
    Oil on canvas, 16x20, $900
  14. Kapiolani Park in the Summertime Susan Miyachi
    Kapiolani Park in the Summertime
    Oil on canvas, 14x17, $850
  15. Paradise Susan Miyachi SOLD
    Oil on canvas, 18x24, SOLD
  16. Waimea Valley Susan Miyachi SOLD
    Waimea Valley
    Oil on canvas, 16x20, SOLD
  17. Rainbow Shower Susan Miyachi
    Rainbow Shower of Health, Happiness, and Hope
    Oil on canvas, 28x22, $1,500
  18. Hoomaluhia Morning Susan Miyachi
    Ho'omaluhia Morning
    Oil on canvas, 24x19, $2,580
  19. Peaceful Kahala Susan Miyachi
    Peaceful Kahala
    Oil on canvas, 14x24, $980
  20. Sailing to Chinamans Hat Susan Miyachi
    Sailing to Chinaman's Hat
    Oil on canvas, 15x30, $2,280