Wayne Takazono

Wayne Takazono drawing
Wayne Takazono strives to keep his work fresh, refusing to be stuck in a rut. Therefore, his style, genre, and medium is constantly changing and his skill constantly growing. Takazono has worked in watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoals and multiple three-dimensional mediums, creating portraits, still life, landscapes, and seascapes.

His current project is a series of abstract dreamscapes in pastel. Takazono doesn’t know the final composition when he begins. His dreamscapes start out as only an idea and evolve on their own through the process, much like a dream starting with something familiar and growing into the extraordinary.

Based in Kaneohe, Hawaii.
  1. A Plumber's Nightmare Wayne Takazono
    A Plumber's Nightmare
    Pastel on paper, 12x19, $900
  2. Future Dream Wayne Takazono
    Future Dream
    Pastel on paper, 13x20, $900
  3. Orange on Green Wayne Takazono
    Orange on Green
    Pastel on paper, 12x20, $900
  4. Power Nap No. 2 Wayne Takazono SOLD
    Power Nap No.2
    Pastel on paper, 19x27, SOLD
  5. Sleeping with Tummy Ache Wayne Takazono
    Sleeping with Tummy Ache
    Pastel on paper, 19x12, $900
  6. Summertime Power Nap Wayne Takazono
    Summertime Power Nap
    Pastel on paper, 13x19, $900
  7. Waimea Bay Wayne Takazono
    Waimea Bay
    Pastel on paper, 18x24, $1,500